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The Solid State Master Box

  • Warranty includes Lifetime Lightning Damage Replacement
  • Provides transmission of multiple signals
  • Enables accurate alarm response
  • Increases accuracy and improves response time
  • NFPA 72-compliant electronic coded transmitter
  • Field programmable
  • Withstands severe climate conditions

The major benefit of City Master Box is that by monitoring multiple outputs from an existing fire panel and allowing the transmission of multiple signals, it enables the fire department to receive alarms by zone and differentiate among alarms, troubles or supervisory signals, increasing the accuracy and speed of their response.

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The City Master Box is an NFPA 72-compliant and Factory Mutual Approved electronic coded transmitter for use on telegraphic fire alarm reporting systems.  It is designed and manufactured using components that are known for their reliability and ability to withstand severe climate conditions.

The City Master Box is comprised of a rugged solid state microprocessor-based circuit board mounted to a plate with a city loop terminal block, disconnect switch, and a TII transient voltage suppressor.

Features include:

  • Adjustable code timing from 1/8 to 4 seconds in 1/16 second increments
  • Eight programmable input zones and eight respective zone relays
  • Each input zone is programmed as normally open or normally closed
  • Local energy trip input
  • Municipal or summoning loop operation options
  • Bulldog operational mode options for alarm or trouble
  • Supervision of all circuits for ground fault condition
  • Plug in connector terminals for all field wiring
  • Computer diagnostics
  • E.G.R. is programmable for municipal or summoning
  • Piezo sounder activates on either trouble or alarm and may be silenced
  • Alarm condition activates respective zone relay and general alarm relay
  • Fail-safe trouble relay is normally energized: any trouble condition will de-energize the relay causing status change
  • Field-programmable functions using desktop/laptop computer or onboard rotary switches
  • Local Energy Trip Circuit
  • 8 Contact Trip Circuits
  • 8 Box Codes
  • Large City Circuit Connection Block

Programmable functions include

  • Alarm code/number of rounds, trouble code/number of rounds/restoral code
  • Programming software and guide CD or disk
  • Municipal – telegraphic loop remains open between digits and rounds
  • enhancing PNIS operation.
  • Summoning – telegraphic loop is closed between digits and rounds


The power source is typically supplied from a fire alarm control panel but it may also be powered by any approved  power supply source that has supervised battery charging and standby power.

  • Optional Enclosure with UL Listed power supply/battery charger
  • Two 12V sealed lead acid batteries required with optional power supply
  • Operating Voltage 24-30vdc, filtered and regulated
  • Standby Current Draw 42mA
  • Maximum Current Draw 500mA
  • (All zones in alarm, all relays energized and transmitting)    


  • Operating Temperature -40F to 158F (-40C to 70C)
  • Operating Humidity 90% Non Condensing
  • Weight without Enclosure 3.30 lbs
  • Dimensions without Enclosure 11.00” L x 9.25” W x 3.00” D     


    The Transmitter can be ordered without an enclosure for mounting in a contractor or owner supplied unit.  If not specified, the transmitter will be shipped in the Standard Enclosure.

    Standard Enclosure - NEMA 1, 16 gauge steel, red powder coat finish, full length piano hinge door, lock assembly and two keys.  Dimensions:  15.50”L x 11.25”W x 4.25”D

    Power Supply Enclosure - Same specifications as the Standard Enclosure but sized to also house a power supply and two 12V/7AH Batteries.  UL Listed Power Supply/Charger is included.  Batteries supplied by the installer.  Dimensions:  16.75”L x 14.75”W x 4.5”D

Installation Features

  • Rugged Mounting Plate allows for easy installation or replacement in any type of existing or customer supplied enclosure
  • Plug in type terminal wiring plugs simplifies field wiring or removal/replacement of transmitter circuit board
  • All functions are field programmable by installer or AHJ
  • Two Year Limited Warranty



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